Peter Dhingsa

Westinghouse Electric Company - Canada

    Peter began his profession career at Laveer Engineering in 2017 as a Junior Designer. Prior to joining
    Laveer, Peter attended the University of Toronto where he studied Mechanical Engineering with a focus
    on solid mechanics and heat transfer. 
    Peter has grown along with the organization; acquiring new skills from a variety of design and site
    support roles. He has had a chance to work on the design of MCR mock-ups and tooling, the Pickering
    Rapid Delivery System, and Extended West Shift Plus Tooling. He has also had the opportunity to assist
    in field work through his roles on B1831 SFCR where he was the Bellows Sever series lead. Most recently
    he was a lead designer and field deployment SME for a first of a kind Calandria Relief Duct laser scanning
    tool. Peter is currently working on modernizing Unit 3 MCR fuel channel install tooling.

    All Sessions by Peter Dhingsa

    4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

    Technical Stream 2: Benchmarking

    Use of Photoelectric Measurement Technologies in High Radiation Environments