Mark Knutson

Ontario Power Generation

    Mark Knutson is the Chief Enterprise Engineer, Chief Nuclear Engineer and the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Engineering for Ontario Power Generation. OPG is located in Ontario, Canada and is a major generator of electricity with a fleet of 10 nuclear reactors, 66 hydro stations, 2 thermal stations and a solar energy station. This position leads an engineering organization of over 1400 personnel to provide design, system, component and inspection expertise for OPG. OPG is supported by his leadership in many significant projects such as refurbishing four nuclear reactors at the Darlington Station to extend the Station’s operation an additional 35 years and preparing to build a new reactor at the Darlington site.

    Mark has worked for OPG in positions within Engineering, Operations, Work Management, Nuclear Oversight and Outage.

    He started his career as an Instrumentation and Control engineer at OPG working on reactor digital controls along with reactor regulating systems. Mark worked in engineering over 10 years in the first part of his career in several engineer and management positions with responsibility in such areas as major projects and system operations.

    Mark moved to Operations in the middle of his career and became a licensed Shift Manager and later the Operations Manager at the Pickering Nuclear Station. After 13 years in operations at Pickering, Mark moved to the OPG corporate office to be the Director of Operations and Maintenance for the OPG Nuclear fleet.

    In 2013, Mark returned to engineering as the Director of OPG’s Fukushima Event Response which involved significant project work and then into other engineering positions both at sites and corporate until reaching his present position for the past 4 years.

    He graduated from the University of Windsor with a degree in electrical engineering and he is a licensed professional engineer in several jurisdictions.

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    8:15 am - 9:30 am

    Canadian Utility Updates

    This session will be moderated by the President & CEO of COG and will feature updates from Chief Nuclear Engineers of Bruce Power, OPG, and NB Power. This session will provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of the latest developments and advancements at the Canadian nuclear utilities.