Margaret McBeath

Co-founder and Director Company Strategy

    Margaret McBeath is a co-founder and director, company strategy/people and culture, at NPX. She started her career in human resources and in the nuclear industry in 2009 and has progressed as an entrepreneur, industry leader, and HR executive. Margaret has worked in all areas of HR and has led innovative HR programs and initiatives focused on talent development, training, DE&I, organizational development, and employee health and well-being. In 2021 Margaret was awarded HR Leader of the Year at the Canadian HR Awards. Under her leadership NPX has been recognized as a 5-Star Diversity Employer, HRDCW Best Places to Work 2022, HRD Innovative HR Team 2022, and the 2023 OCNI Balance Means Business Award among many others.

    All Sessions by Margaret McBeath

    8:30 am - 10:00 am

    Staffing for the Future

    The nuclear industry is undergoing a period of rapid growth and change, and this session will explore the key ways to ensure that we are staffing up for the future. You will hear about the latest trends, best practices, and initiatives aimed at creating a diverse, inclusive, and engaging workplace for the next generation of nuclear professionals. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to learn about the future of staffing in the nuclear industry!