David Harris

President and CEO

    Since joining Kinectrics Inc. in 2003 as President and CEO, David Harris has successfully grown the company, both organically and through strategic acquisitions.

    Today, Kinectrics is a Canadian-based, management-owned company, providing technical services to the electricity industry in Canada, USA, and internationally.

    Since the management buyout in 2015, the company has seen significant growth with the acquisition of AMEC FW North American Nuclear business with about 600 staff increase in Canada, the USA and Romania. The recent addition of Gnosys Global Ltd in the UK in 2019 and ArcWear LLC in 2020 have further solidified Kinectrics footprint in R&D, innovation, testing and consulting with a leading-edge technology framework. These acquisitions have now been successfully integrated with Kinectrics, offering our customers a broader range of integrated services.

    In 2001, Harris was the Managing Director of Accentus Plc, a new company with 150 staff in the UK and the USA.

    Harris was the Group Managing Director of Future Technologies, overseeing more than 600 staff. He was responsible for reviewing each operating unit to determine whether it should be held for growth, divestment, or closure.
    As the Managing Director, Transport Consultancy International (TCI) and Deputy Managing Director at AEAT Rail, Harris was responsible for managing AEAT’s newly-acquired rail subsidiary, acquired following privatization.
    Prior to 1999, Harris held various senior roles in AEA Technology, including International Business Development, covering North America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe. In 1996, Harris was appointed President of AEA Technology Inc. based in Pittsburgh, PA.

    Harris started his career as a design engineer with UK AEA, and advanced through progressively senior and project management positions on the 250MW(e) Prototype Fast Reactor and on Spent Fuel Reprocessing Plants.

    All Sessions by David Harris

    8:30 am - 10:00 am

    The Nuclear Industry from a Vendor Perspective

    In this session, attendees will gain valuable insights into the nuclear supply chain from key vendors in the industry. You will learn about the important considerations and challenges faced by suppliers as the nuclear industry works on refurbishments, new builds, safe stores, and ongoing operations. This session is a must-attend for anyone interested in the future of the nuclear industry.